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Welcome to Our Kinder Prep Classroom!

4-5 Year Olds


Our Language Arts program includes four basic concepts:

  • Stimulating knowledge of vocabulary through listening to stories

  • Oral language development, enhanced through interactive reading and classroom conversations

  • An understanding of the alphabet, along with upper-and-lower case letter recognition and each letter’s corresponding sound

  • Knowledge and understanding about print and its use.

These four basic concepts are the building blocks that inspire reading at an early age.


Our Arts program will include three key components:

  • Art - Students will have the opportunity to experiment with a variety of different materials and tools, using them to express their feelings and ideas.

  • Music - Will include students singing and dancing to reinforce lessons taught in other areas of study including language arts, mathematics, and circle time learning.

  • Theatre - We will dabble with theatre through retelling favorite classroom stories with a partner and sharing with the class.


Our Social/Emotional program include five basic concepts:

  • Self-awareness – Beginning to assess their feelings, interests, values and strengths

  • Self-management – Gain insight into when and how to self-regulate

  • Social awareness – Learning about empathy, recognizing and appreciating individual differences and similarities

  • Relationship skills – Establishing friendships based on cooperation; beginning to work through social disagreements, asking for help when needed.

  • Responsible decision-making –Showing respect for their classroom, understand consequences for their actions, apply decision making skills resulting in academic success


Our Fine Motor Skills Program will include two key components:

  • Throughout the day there will be multiple activities which will enhance the opportunity to develop your child’s fine motor skills. Developing the small muscles in your child’s hands and fingers will enable them to perform important tasks such as writing, gripping small items, cutting with scissors, and using computer keyboards.

  • Hand-eye coordination is a very important part of eye tracking skills, which are vital for reading and writing. Puzzles, threading and lacing activities, letter bean bag toss, and stacking blocks are all activities that will enhance hand-eye coordination.


Our Math program include four basic concepts:

  • Counting - Becoming familiar with numbers through counting, number names and number recognition

  • Addition and subtraction - The development of understanding the concept of combining and taking apart groups of items

  • Measurement & Data - Hands on learning through comparison of everyday items and objects, classifying, sorting and grouping them into categories;

  • Geometry - Experimenting with and comparing two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes and discussing their attributes.


Our Family Interaction program will include two key components:

  • Holiday and Birthday parties - Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Dr. Seuss’s Birthday, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Individual Children’s Birthday’s Cinco De Mayo, Juneteenth, Fourth of July.

  • Parent Volunteering in the Classroom

Enrichment Programs

At UUMC we believe that enrichment programs are an integral part of a quality early childhood program. In our Kinder Prep program we have four school sponsored programs for our students to participate in each week.

Monday - Soccer shots ( this is the only parent-paid enrichment program)

Tuesday - Chapel in the morning and Dramatic Arts with Mrs. Lori

Wednesday - Music with Mr. Russell

Thursday - Stretch and Grow which is our physical education program.

Lead Teachers

unnamed (1).png

Chasity Taylor

Infants 1


Luli Xhakupi

Infants 2


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