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Here's what to expect (and no, you won't  be chased around the parking lot by over-enthusiastic greeters).

FINDING US - The address is 2416 West Berry Street, Fort Worth. Our parking lot entrance is on Forest Park Blvd, which is a one way street.

WHAT TO WEAR - some clothes. Honestly! Short, long, casual, Sunday best, tank tops or tuxedos. Just be comfortable.

WE'RE GOING TO GET REAL IN WORSHIP - God loves you. As you are. Right now. Our faith offers hope in a changing world. The Bible is relevant, but when you have doubts and questions, don't sweat it. Most of us do! Followers of Jesus Christ are called to walk in love and to be light. It's not always easy, but through honesty, trust, and friendship, we get a glimpse of what God's kingdom is like. 

YOU BELONG - whether single, married, or divorced, gay or straight, whatever your political beliefs, economic status, age, ethnicity, or abilities, Jesus welcomes all to His table. We do, too.

Want to chat with someone before stopping in? Email us using the button below and we'll get you introduced and connected to a staff member or church leader.


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Sundays at 10am in the sanctuary

Find inspiration and connection with God in a reverent space of the sanctuary. Find grounding in the theology of familiar hymns and anthems led on organ, piano, and by the choir. Communion monthly and on holy days. Nursery available, plus children are invited to join in a brief Kids' Space during the service.


Sundays at 11am in Community Hall

Connect with God and with God's people in the intimate setting of a table. Spend a moment in prayer silently or with a friend. Practice the holy discipline of Coffee and Chatting whenever possible. Learn the Bible well as sermons are deeply rooted in scripture, frequently covering entire books. Modern worship songs and refreshed hymns will stay with you through the week and encourage your spirit. We are created for Community. Nursery available, and children are invited to join in a brief Kids' Space during the service.

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Thursdays at 530pm

Perfect for families with young children. Feed your family and feed your soul all around a table shared with friends, old and new. Kid-friendly teaching, music, and rituals to help build habits, curiosity, and beliefs to last a lifetime. Come make new friends and enjoy a night off from cooking in Community Hall.

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